Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI)

Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI) is a independent think tank in Indonesia which was established to

(i) conduct policy advocacy in national, regional and international levels to support marine governance and good and sustainable ocean governance by

(ii) strengthening cooperation networks of government and civil society at the national, regional and international levels to support coalition of actions to develop sustainable marine life practices, including the achievement of the goals in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

(iii) Encourage and cooperate with law enforcement agencies at the national, regional and global levels related to maritime crimes and trans national organised crime, including criminal practices fishing, human trafficking, slavery and others.

IOJI was founded on 24 January 2020 in the form of association and obtain legal entity status from Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights based on the decree No. AHU0001022.AH.01.07, February 4, 2020

The Founders

IOJI is established by a group of passionate ocean, sustainable development, and rule of law advocates from a wide variety of backgrounds and generations.

Hassan Wirajuda

Todung Mulya Lubis

Mas Achmad Santosa

Yunus Husein

Arif Havas Oegroseno

Laode M. Syarif

Josi Khatarina

Aldilla Stephanie Suwana

Fadilla Octaviani

Aditya Salim

Stephanie Juwana

The Executives

Mas Achmad Santosa


Fadilla Octaviani

Director of Enforcement Support and Access to Justice

Stephanie Juwana

Director of International Engagement and Policy Reform

Kuntoro Adi Sutikno

Finance Manager


Aditya Salim

Dian Sardini

Gabriella Gianova

Gridanya Mega

Grace Binowo

Annisa Yusha

Jeremia Humolong

Imam Prakoso

Karenina Lasindry

Andi Lolo

Harish Makarim

M. Salachuddin

Rahayu Setianingrum