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7 February 2022
G20 Presidency of Indonesia: Towards sustainable and equitable ocean economy

A sustainable ocean economy is a global paradigm on ocean governance for economic development with[…]

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25 January 2022
Threats to Indonesia’s sovereign rights in EEZ

The Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI) considers illegal fishing and threats to sovereign rights as[…]

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24 January 2022
Blue Carbon Ecosystem Governance in Indonesia: Threats And Opportunities

With the worsening impact of climate change due to human activity, as highlighted in the[…]

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The Vicious Cycle
Of Working At Sea

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A Strenuous Journey
Of Indonesian Migrant Fishers

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9 November 2022
Roundtable Discussion onboard Statsraad Lehmkuhl : Towards a Sustainable and Equitable Ocean Economy

Jakarta – Monday, November 7, 2022 – The Royal Norwegian Embassy in partnership with[…]

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8 November 2022
New Partnership Unite Marine Governance Advocacy and Tech to Defend Indonesian Waters

SkyTruth and Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative join forces to catch ocean polluters, improve compliance,[…]

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15 September 2022
Indonesia-Netherlands Legal Update (INLU) 2022: Panel on Blue Environmental Law and Justice

As part of the series of INLU 2022, this Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI)-led[…]

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