Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative

Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative is an independent think tank and policy advocacy group that supports the Government of Indonesia by providing evidence-based policy advices on ocean governance.

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The Vicious Cycle Of Working At Sea
(Lingkaran Setan Pekerjaan Di Laut) 

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Our Four Workstreams

Enforcement Support

International Maritime Advocacy

Promote Policies Toward Good & Sustainable Ocean Governance

Access to Justice for Marginalized Ocean & Fisheries Stakeholders 

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4 Juli 2021
Webinar Distant Water Fishing Fleets: Challenges to Indonesia’s Maritime Security

Distant water fishing is one of the biggest threats to the global fish stocks.[…]

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3 Juli 2020
Materi Webinar IOJI

Materi webinar “Distant Water Fishing Fleets”: Segera di-upload. Materi webinar “Pelindungan ABK Indonesia di[…]

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