Enforcement Support

  • Enforcement-related information and data analysis support;

  • Advocating the acknowledgement of transnational organized crimes elements in fisheries (which includes destructive fishing practices) and providing supports and assistances in eradicating the crimes;

  • Establish pool of Indonesian and international experts on marine and fisheries which can be utilized in policy making and court expert testimony purposes;

  • Evaluation on the effectiveness of Indonesia‚Äôs maritime and fisheries investigation, prosecution, and judiciary system and practices;

  • Promote the use of corporate criminal liability and multidoor approaches in the maritime and fisheries enforcement.

International Maritime Advocacy

  • Advocating the need to establish a coalition of actions to end IUU fishing practices;

  • Advocating the need to establish a coalition of actions to rehabilitate mangroves;

  • Developing innovative international policies recommendations to improve the governance in areas beyond national jurisdictions;

  • Advocating the need to establish a coalition of action to handle transnational organized crimes in fisheries.

Policy Reform

  • Policy advocacy on capture fisheries governance;

  • Policy Advocacy on Maritime Security and Law Enforcement;

  • Governance and enforcement of Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia;

  • Licensing Database Development;

  • Developing an integrated compliance monitoring mechanism of fishing vessels with three pilot areas: Central Java, East Java, North Sulawesi;

  • Supporting the Directorate of Tax, Ministry of Finance to increase capture fisheries tax revenue from taxpayers whose licenses are issued by local government in Central Java and East Java.

Access to Justice for Small-Scale Fishermen, Coastal Communities and Fishers Working Overseas

  • Conducting asessment on the impact and effectiveness of national legislations concerning small-scale fishermen (SSF) and coastal communities (CC);

  • Strengthening the network of national & local NGOs working for the protection of SSF, CC empowerment, and fishers working overseas;

  • Conducting paralegal trainings for SSF and CC;

  • Protection of Indonesian fishers working overseas.